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All-Strong Podcast Series 2 Notes: Episodes 7-9

Episode 7: (I Think) The Nature of Motivation is Changing, But What Can We Do About It?

This episode speaks for itself, but it demands a bit of engagement. Make sure you give it listen and send a voice note to the show with your thoughts. You can click here to send a voice note or simply follow the link from the episode description.

I mention a colleague's podcast in this episode, check it out here:

There are some other post-pandemic podcast episodes mentioned, which you can check out here:

Episode 8: Andy Tsang: Building Relationships, Never Settling Down and Thinking for Yourself

In this episode, I sat down with my S&C lecturer and teacher, a man whom I've taken a huge amount of inspiration and knowledge from. I was really excited to ask him some of the questions on the list, so hopefully the information is as useful to you as it was to me!

The infamous ladder drill post we talk about during the episode (if you're a coach in any sport, I highly recommend this):

Episode 9: Taking Time to Appreciate Your Efforts and Avoid Burning Out

This episode was quite a personal one for me, and as long as you don't mind there not being a guest, I think you'll appreciate what it deals with. Social media and culture in general is all about promoting constant achievement and grind, but it doesn't often talk about making sure you appreciate yourself and the things you've done.

Listen along and leave a voice note if it hits any particular nerves with you.


The podcast is fun to make and entertaining for me to put together, but it's time-consuming and oftentimes quite a challenge to get it all together. If you like the show and would like ot open up a channel to help me pursue episode production on a regular basis with improved resources and quality, please consider supporting the show:

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