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All-Strong Podcast Series 2 Finale and Series 3 Preparations: Chad Kultgen, AI and Your Questions!

Hi everyone!

It dawned on me that I never promoted the end of the All-Strong Podcast's second series on the blog along with all the other episodes. I teased it as being a special episode, hoping that something I tried would pay off, and thankfully, it all worked out.

Chad Kultgen, podcast, veganism, fitness, AI
All-Strong Podcast: Chad Kultgen on Fitness and AI

The last episode of series 2 featured possibly the most interesting guest so far: Hollywood writer, novelist and podcaster Chad Kultgen. I've been a huge fan of his for years, and speaking to him on a podcast of my own was a surreal experience to say the least.

If you want to listen to some interesting insights on training, diet and AI in fitness, you can click here to listen to the episode.

Thanks to Chad for featuring. You can learn more about him in the podcast description.

Now that series 2 has come to a close, I'm currently on the lookout for topics to talk about for series 3. Do you have something you'd like to hear about in detail? Is there a trend you'd like to explore more closely? Leave it in a comment and I'll make sure it gets featured!

If you'd like to speak on the show as a guest, that's also more than welcome: just comment with what you'd like to chat about, and I'll be in touch!

You can also get in touch anytime via

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