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All-Strong Strength & Performance Strength Coach and Personal Trainer


Josh Bates

All-Strong Strength & Performance Testimonials and Reviews

I honestly couldn’t recommend Ethan more, he has been a godsend for my Health, Fitness, Strength and Physique. My confidence outside of the gym, in the workplace and in my personal life has went from strength to strength throughout my work with Ethan. Not only that but my physical strength performance continues to improve consistently in the gym and naturally benefits me in all other areas of my physical life.


Ethan has put incredible personal detail into my sessions, tracking accurately and documenting my progress closely to always ensure my workout plans are pushing me forward and supporting me to make improvements.

All-Strong Strength & Performance Strength Coaching and Personal Training

Whether it has been sport specific, strength based or aesthetically focused, through every personal goal I have listed to Ethan, he has adapted things flawlessly to help me succeed and has been very flexible and understanding throughout my training.


Ethan’s knowledge of the human body and how it works goes well above and beyond the call of duty, it has been incredibly helpful when I have any questions.


Ethan has kept me on the straight and narrow with great advice and recommendations, and even discovered some hinderances in my joints and associated muscles that were holding me back and has done some fantastic work to correct it to allow me to train without limits.


I am really excited to see what Ethan’s future brings!

Josh Bates on LinkedIn

Rebekah Olphert

If you are looking one of the best PT's you could ever have, look no further. Ballymena is very lucky to have this one so if you're like me and you need that motivation to keep you fit, healthy and happy, sign up now and enjoy!

Andy Stewart

If you want to get into shape in whatever your doing or want to strengthen in your performance Ethan is good person to see. I couldn't do 120 in deadlift with his training I did it. So give him a call.

Josh Bates

I started personal training with Ethan a few weeks ago, and it has been absolutely brilliant. I’m learning so much information not only about lifting weights and using the correct form, but how to utilise the right muscle groups. We’re training for overall strength building at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. Each 1-1 session is carefully catered to my specific needs and the detail is fantastic.

Samantha Christie

Give Ethan a message if you're interested in getting into the gym for and for personal training sessions, best trainer I've ever been to, he's fab!


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