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Build Muscle | Get Stronger | Live Better

Not strong enough? Struggling with joint pain, confidence in the gym or plateaus in strength? Look no further for help.

Sport-Specific S&C

Programs, periodisation, competition prep, speed, agility, plyometrics, strength training, biomechanics and more. You need it, I'll help you get better at it. 

Movement Coaching

We all have bad habits and they all show on our bodies. Come and see me and together we'll work on fixing those habits and get your body moving comfortably again.

In-Person Training

Strength training, muscle building, everything else you see here. Work with me, one-to-one in the gym and we'll both watch the progress take shape in no time.

Injury Rehab

Some scars stay with us forever, but you'd be surprised how much damage can be fixed with a careful application of strength, stretching, mobility and nutrition. 

Fitness testing

Individual athlete? Need to gauge your performance for the upcoming season? I've got all kinds of testing methods ready to help you start measuring your abilities.

Posture Correction

Maybe you've got a sore back. Maybe you can feel the sciatica starting to set in. Posture is so underrated, and like most things, it can be aided with strength and focus.




  •  Not strong enough?

  • Not putting on enough muscle?

  • Hitting plateaus with your lifts?

  • Suffering from joint pain?

  • Recovering from injury?

  • Not moving correctly?




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