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Lockdown Fitness and Accountability

I've been following James Willems as a comedian since I was around 16 years of age. I always knew that he was a big fan of keeping in shape and getting stronger, but he hadn't done any real comprehensive talking on what he does in the gym.

This morning, I saw this video recommended, and I was really excited to get a real insight into James' approach to fitness. In lockdown, with no gyms, keeping on top of your physical health has probably been harder than ever for most people, and I've talked about it a few times over the past few months. Just for another perspective to share, I thought I'd post a link to James' video. Here it is:

The big thing James talks about for keeping in shape during lockdown is accountability. It's a really important factor in meeting any kind of success, and without it, you can sometimes be left feeling a bit purposeless.

Having someone or something to keep you on track and to monitor your progress can make a humongous difference to your chances of success in anything. It's one thing I'm a big advocate for, and it's something I promise to provide to any regular client looking to make real progress.

If having a real person to give you one-to-one help while helping you stick to your regime, you know where to find me!


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