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Setting Goals for the New Normal

It's going to be tough to get back into things when we all return to the gym. There'll be a whole host of new rules to follow and a pretty awkward period of adjustment. Things are probably going to feel messy and a bit overwhelming for a while, but there are a few ways to stay in control, and here's the most important one:

Make sure you have some goals set.

If your goal is to stay in bed and waste more time, that's cool. If it's not, you need to get up and write a list of goals you want to achieve.

Times when we face up to big changes are always tough. It usually feels like it's going to be easier to stay in bed and forget what's going on around us, but that only wastes time. Now that we have the hope that gyms are coming back as well, it's easy to get caught up in the waiting and end up feeling even more lost and confused.

So the odds are stacked against us right now:

  • There's no gym to go to, what's the point of training at home?

  • We know gyms are opening again, let's just wait until they're back!

  • If gyms open only to close again two weeks later, there'll be no point in doing anything at all.

These might be some of the things you'll be thinking in the approach to the world undergoing another big change. I'm here to tell you to ignore those thoughts.

Any ideas like the ones above (if you've been struggling with other ones, comment below and give someone else some inspiration!) are the biggest obstacle standing between each of us and our individual successes. We have to learn to take control and move past these obstacles, and the best way to do this is by making sure we set goals and stick to them.

A lack of goals is what stops us taking action. If we don't know where we're going, we'll never take any action towards getting ourselves there! Once you set some serious goals for yourself, you'll start to notice that your behaviour will change and start carrying you towards the things you want.

If your goal is to stay in bed and waste more time, that's cool. If it's not, you need to get up and write a list of goals you want to achieve - they can be short-term or long-term, that doesn't matter. Make it necessary for yourself to start being more productive; cut out any negativity and start thinking about what's achievable. Pretty soon, you'll start to feel yourself moving closer to what you want, bit by bit.

If your goals are related to physical health and wellness, set some realistic targets and aim to see if you can hit them at home. You'll surprise yourself with some of the creative solutions you come up with to get around the issue of not having a gym to use!

For that extra bit of a push, check out my home session pricing plans here - I've already worked on some at-home fitness goals with incredible results! Don't force yourself to stay stuck at home and miss out on fixing some of those creaks and aches you've been carrying around for awhile now - chat to me about what we can do to get rid of them!


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