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Everyone should be happy, comfortable and confident in the gym. Let me be the one to help that become the case for you.


I come from a family with an extensive history in sport. It took me a long time to find my place, which is tough when your cousins are international hockey players and your brother made the Ulster U21 rugby squad. 

After two decades of football, hockey, rugby, yoga, weightlifting, circuits and more, I finally discovered strength sports and fell in love straight away. 

In my first year of strength sports, just before competitions started getting cancelled around the world, I reached two podium finishes in two competitions, and I want people to find similar success in their own sports.



If there's anyone more interested in learning about biomechanics, anatomy, physiology or performance, you probably don't want to meet them. I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to increase my base of knowledge so that I can help athletes, hobbyists and everyone else to push themselves to achieve.

I've studied everything from movement mechanics to injury rehab to sports-specific strength and conditioning, so you can rest assured that I know how to help you.



I firmly believe that strength training is suitable for everyone, and that every single person who tries it can enjoy it. 

Getting stronger is the answer to a huge range of common health problems, and isn't always about smashing PRs and one-rep-maxes.

You won't end up ballooning out and looking like 80s Arnold, trust me. Come and build some muscle with me, and I know you'll see the rewards.


While the application of strength is the main focus of my work, I do have a range of approaches to training which I use depending on client needs and backgrounds.

Sport-specific programming, biomechanical breakdowns, movement coaching and more are all ways in which I cater my methods towards each individual.

Overall though, my primary tool is strength training, which I use to enhance health, wellness, mood, confidence and physical longevity.



I believe it's possible for everyone to learn the value of growing stronger, whether they're in the gym or training at home. Strength training is massively beneficial to all areas of life, and I guarantee that you'll see the benefits after just a few sessions.

I've found a passion for strength in the world of strongman, but I've come to learn that strength isn't all about lifting heavy weights. Strength is the key to easing joint pain, unlocking a more energetic life and generally making every day that little big easier.

I promise that whether or not you're an athlete, I'll show you how strength can hugely impact your life for the better.