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Rebekah Olphert

If you are looking one of the best PT's you could ever have, look no further. Ballymena is very lucky to have this one so if you're like me and you need that motivation to keep you fit, healthy and happy, sign up now and enjoy!

Andy Stewart

If you want to get into shape in whatever your doing or want to strengthen in your performance Ethan is good person to see. I couldn't do 120 in deadlift with his training I did it. So give him a call.

Josh Bates

I started personal training with Ethan a few weeks ago, and it has been absolutely brilliant. I’m learning so much information not only about lifting weights and using the correct form, but how to utilise the right muscle groups. We’re training for overall strength building at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. Each 1-1 session is carefully catered to my specific needs and the detail is fantastic.

Samantha Christie

Give Ethan a message if you're interested in getting into the gym for and for personal training sessions, best trainer I've ever been to, he's fab!


Do you feel like you could be stronger? Do you feel like you’re not making progress? Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but not getting the results you need? I’ve been through it all too. I spent a lot of time struggling to make progress in the gym before deciding to take matters into my own hands and become a coach.


I’ve spent a huge amount of time learning about strength training so that I could unlock the secrets of securing regular progress. Now, I’ve got a wealth of knowledge on how to program for results in sport, in the gym and in everyday life. Making people stronger, fitter and faster is my speciality, and if you’re in the market for any of those things, speak to me ASAP.


  •  Not strong enough?

  • Not putting on enough muscle?

  • Hitting plateaus with your lifts?

  • Suffering from joint pain?

  • Recovering from injury?

  • Not moving correctly?

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Click any of the options below to book in with me for a single session. If you're a member, check to make sure which sessions are in your plan, and if you're not, consider signing up by clicking here: it's much cheaper!